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Gloucestershire MEP compares recent flooding in the region to 2007 devastation

Saturday, 1 December 2012
The West Country has again been hit with devastating levels of flooding which has seen many roads and rail services in and out of the region severely hit and more than 500 households affected in what has been dubbed the region's worst floods for decades.

For Conservative MEP Julie Girling, a former lead Cabinet Member of Gloucestershire County Council until her election to the European Parliament, the comparisons to the devastating floods of June and July 2007 were all too evident (pictured is the town of Tewkesbury which was turned into an island in 2007). Writing in her regular newsletter, she said:

It is impossible not to compare the flooding this week to that of 2007 and the devastating effect floods have on homes, lives and businesses.

Right now we need to let the Environment Agency and emergency services get on with their jobs and I thank them most sincerely for the tireless work they are doing to keep people safe and reduce the risk of further flooding. My home and family have been directly impacted by flooding and I understand the pain that this sort of devastation can cause to peoples' lives.

Over the last few days I have been in contact with the Environment agency and I urge people across the South West not to take dangerous risks at this time - especially when driving. Signing up to the Environment Agency's flood alert service will give people the very latest news of any risk to their area.

Lets hope the waters subside very quickly without further loss of life and too much damage to property.

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