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SW MEP Chichester regrets breakdown in talks on ENISA modernisation proposals

Saturday, 15 December 2012
South West Conservative MEP Giles Chichester, the European Parliament's rapporteur on a new proposal to modernise the European Union Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA), has expressed his regret at the breakdown of talks with Council after a failure to reach an agreement in trialogues.

In February 2012, MEPs amended a legislative proposal to establish a new mandate for ENISA with effect from 13 September 2013. These amendments called for broadening the tasks of ENISA in order to strengthen EU defences against cyber-threats, and to do so will require roughly a doubling of its operational staff and budget.

The proposal also called for the establishment of an executive board and for increased political accountability of ENISA towards the European Parliament.

Progress had been made on a number of issues but the Council (currently presided by Cyprus) was not able to reach agreement on certain aspects of the deal which included for example the moving of the agency’s operational staff from Crete to Athens.

"It's disappointing that we could not conclude the trialogues and persuade the Council to accept our key points," Mr Chichester said. "We feel that both sides will benefit from a break in negotiations and hope that we can come back in January and find a solution".

"In the meantime, maybe the Commission should be giving thought to a Plan B – just in case," he added.

Negotiations are currently temporarily suspended with a view to continuing them in January under the EU Council Presidency of Ireland.

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