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Two businessmen arrested under EAW found guilty of fraud in Hungary

Saturday, 1 December 2012
Two businessmen from the South West arrested in November 2009 under the European Arrest Warrant have been found guilty of fraud in a Hungarian court.

The court in Budapest on Friday ruled that Jason McGoldrick from Plymouth and his business partner Michael Turner from Castle Corfe in Dorset defrauded people of sums between £50 and £250 when their timeshare company in the Hungarian capital went bust in 2004.

The judge found them guilty of 53 counts of fraud and not guilty of another 330 counts. McGoldrick was sentenced to seven months suspended for two years and Turner was sentenced to five months suspended for two years. Each man was fined €18,000 with €2,000 costs.

The UKIP MEP The Earl of Dartmouth has been campaigning on the two men's behalf for the past three years and is a staunch opponent of the European Arrest Warrant.

The Earl, who was at the hearing in the Hungarian capital yesterday with South Dorset Conservative MP Richard Drax, said: "all along I have said that this was a totally improper use of the European Arrest Warrant which was initially enacted to deal with serious cases such as terrorism, murder or rape. This case should and could have been dealt with in a small claims court.

"The case shows how the standards of justice differ so widely throughout Europe. Michael and Jason have been through an appalling ordeal and have been punished financially. But at least they can now come home to their families and put this all behind them," he added.

Reacting to the verdict, Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson, who piloted the EAW though the European Parliament tweeted:

UPDATE: 11/12/2012

The Earl of Dartmouth recently held an open meeting on the European Arrest Warrant in Bournemouth on 6th December following the Hungarian courts' verdict and featured Mike Turner who spoke about the process and how he defended his son Michael. The event was recorded and uploaded to YouTube:


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