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British MEP praises increased trade and profits from #EU trade agreements with South Korea and Singapore

Saturday, 5 January 2013
South West Conservative MEP Ashley Fox has hailed the immediate increase in trade and profits experience by British companies following the following the successful completion in 2011 of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the European Union and South Korea and has welcomed the similar agreement made recently with Singapore.

Referring to the recently concluded FTA with Singapore, Mr Fox wrote in his regular newsletter to constituents: “This agreement is excellent news - a chance for the European Union to plug into the vibrancy and energy of the Singapore economy and a signpost to the future of trade with flourishing eastern markets.

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‘For 40 years Britain has benefited’ - SW MEP Watson reflects on 40 years of UK membership of EEC/EU

Tuesday, 1 January 2013
Today - 1st January 2013 - marks exactly 40 years since the day the United Kingdom joined the European Economic Community, now the European Union. To mark the occasion, long-serving South West Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson has reflected on what this period has meant for the UK in terms of trade and growth. On his website he writes:

"For 40 years Britain has benefited from being able to freely trade with some of the world's largest economies. Tourists and businesses have been able to travel freely without hindrance thanks to the freedom of movement. Over 2.2 million British citizens now live, work, study or have chosen to retire in another EU country.

Over the past 40 years we have played a crucial role in turning the European Union
into one of the world’s trading powerhouses. Allowing British businesses to thrive on the world stage, selling our goods to markets free from trade tariffs. Britain has been at the helm time and again to ensure we do not allow Europe to become insular and protectionist in its outlook. Defending free trade, opening up new markets for our businesses to trade with. But we have already begun to see this influence wane as the virus of nationalism infects Britain's body politic.

Looking ahead, he writes:

"We face a massive challenge to ensure Britain remains a key member in the next 40 years. In 2013 I will continue to fight for a fair deal and to demonstrate to residents in the South West the disaster that would unfold should we exit the EU. I want to ensure the South West continues to be a net beneficiary of the EU. I also wish to see the single market opened up further. Allowing businesses to trade in services as well as goods and produce which could add a further £600 billion to the British economy.

"The single market is worth 3.5 million jobs and the average household is £3,300 a year better off for our membership. I do not want us to threaten that in anyway. The problems we face today are by their very nature, supranational, they cross borders. And therefore, finding a solution to these challenges requires us to work together with other countries,he continued.

"Through the European Union, we can come together to make our lives safer, more prosperous and greener."

Photo: Prime Minister Edward Heath signs the EEC accession treaty, 22 January 1972, Brussels (Telegraph)


European Elections 2014: the full list of declared candidates for the South West

The next elections to the European Parliament for the constituency of the South West of England and Gibraltar will be held on 22 May 2014.

Ahead of the election, this page will be updated with the names of all candidates that have been declared as standing in the region.

There will be SIX MEPs elected in May 2014 using the d'Hondt method of party-list proportional representation.

The political parties are displayed below in alphabetical order.


An Independence from Europe
  1. David Smith
  2. Helen Webster
  3. Mike Camp
  4. Andrew Edwards
  5. Phil Dunn
  6. John Taverner

British National Party (3.9% in 2009)
  1. Adrian Romilly
  2. Cliff Jones
  3. Arnold Brindle
  4. Wayne Peter Tomlinson
  5. Andrew Webster
  6. Giuseppe De Santis

Conservative Party (3 seats, 30.2% in 2009)
  1. Ashley Fox (incumbent MEP, 2009-)
  2. Julie Girling (incumbent MEP, 2009-)
  3. James Cracknell OBE (Olympic gold medalist)
  4. Georgina Butler
  5. Sophie Swire
  6. Melissa Maynard
Candidates campaigned and were elected by members of the party in the region through ballot to determine the list order. The results of the ballot were announced on 31 July 2013.

Incumbent MEPs Julie Girling and Ashley Fox have been reselected according to tweets dated 11 May. The full list is not yet known but as sitting MEPs they will top the list.

On 11 May 2013, Julie Girling tweeted: "Thanks to everyone for your support and reselection today as Conservative candidate in 2014. Bring it on!#voteconservative2014". Ashley Fox wrote on his Facebook page: "Pleased to report that both Julie and I were reselected".

MEP Giles Chichester is retiring and will stand down as an MEP.

English Democrats (1.6% in 2009)
  1. Alan England
  2. Mike Blundell
  3. Clive Lavelle
  4. Barbara Wright
  5. Stephen Wright
  6. Ray Carr

Green Party (9.3% in 2009)
  1. Molly Scott Cato
  2. Emily McIvor
  3. Ricky Knight
  4. Audaye Elesedy
  5. Henry Gent
  6. Judy Maciejowska
In July 2012, the Green Party announced that Molly Scott Cato will be their lead candidate to contest the European Elections in the South West in 2014. Molly, a Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at Roehampton University is also a District Councillor in Stroud. She is the party's Economics Spokesperson and Convenor of the Green Group on Stroud District Council.

According to the Green Party, if voting trends continue as they did in previous European elections Greens are “on course to win a seat in 2014”. (h/t @audaye)

Labour Party (7.7% in 2009)
  1. Clare Moody
  2. Glyn Ford (former SW MEP 1999-2009)
  3. Ann Reeder
  4. Hadleigh Roberts
  5. Jude Robinson
  6. Junab Ali
List of candidates for the region was announced on 8 April 2013.

There will now be an 'one member, one vote' (OMOV) ballot of party members in the region to rank the candidates in list order, possibly in June. A woman will be the top of the list. (h/t Jon Worth)

Liberal Democrats (1 seat, 17.2% in 2009)
  1. Sir Graham Watson (incumbent MEP, 1994-)
  2. Dr Kay Barnard
  3. Dr Brian Mathew
  4. Andrew Wigley
  5. Jay Risbridger
  6. Lyana Armstrong-Emery (candidate nominated by Liberal Party of Gibraltar)
Candidates campaigned and were elected by members of the party in the region through ballot to determine the list order. The results of the ballot were announced 2 December 2012.

Mebyon Kernow (1.0% in 2009)
The Party for Cornwall will not be presenting candidates in May 2014 because "the costs [are] prohibitive for a small party. Plus Cornwall is a tiny part of the 'region'".

UKIP (2 seats, 22.1% in 2009)
  1. William the Earl of Dartmouth (incumbent MEP, 2009-)
  2. Dr Julia Reid
  3. Gawain Towler
  4. Tony McIntyre
  5. Robert Smith
  6. Keith Crawford
UKIP announced its shortlist of six 'fruitcake-free' candidates for 2014 Euro elections on 12 August. The shortlisted candidates were subjected to a separate membership ballot to determine the order of the eventual list, the results of which were unveiled on 8 October.

Incumbent MEP William the Earl of Dartmouth has been reselected and will be head of the list in the region. MEP Trevor Colman is retiring and will stand down as an MEP.

There had been rumours that Neil and Christine Hamilton were being lined up to be next UKIP MEPs for the region - however in December 2012 Christine exclusively denied to me that she would be standing. Mr Farage apparently is planning a 'different leading role for the party' for Mr Hamilton.


Last election:

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