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UKIP MEP criticises EU Commission for missing chance to ‘right one of the gravest wrongs in Europe’

Thursday, 17 January 2013
In a rare speaking appearance in the chamber of the European Parliament, UKIP MEP Trevor Colman rose during the debate on Tuesday morning in Strasbourg to review the Cypriot EU Presidency and congratulated the European Commission "for creating the economic crisis" before criticising it for allowing Cyprus to join the EU as a divided island.

My congratulations to the Cyprus Presidency for making the best of one of the toughest economic crisis to hit Europe since the Second World War, and my congratulations also – if that is the right word – to the European Commission for its instrumental role in creating that crisis,” he said.

In 2004, the Commission missed its chance to right one of the gravest wrongs in Europe: the Turkish occupation of Northern Cyprus. Was it right that Cyprus should accede to the EU with such a border dispute? Was it right that the Commission should have even mooted the possibility of Turkey becoming a candidate country whilst its armed troops are occupying Northern Cyprus?

The Commission swept the problem under the table in the interests of political expediency, instead of bringing diplomatic pressure to bear on Turkey.

He then told the Parliament that in May displaced residents of the Northern Cypriot town of Kyrenia plan to cross the border for the first time since occupation in order to attend to their religious duties in their own church and expressed his hope that the event will pass off smoothly and peacefully.


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