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Gibraltar 'quietly confident' of gaining UEFA membership later this year

Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Dennis Beiso of the Gibraltar Football Association has earlier today given an interview to Sky Sports News in which he said Gibraltar is ‘quietly confident’ of gaining UEFA membership later this year. Spain, of course, disputes this move and has repeatedly called foul on the application with the Sports Minister Jose Ignacio Wert saying in October that Spain will "exhaust all legal means" to prevent it.

In the interview, Mr Beiso said: “The question of our membership has been ongoing for a number of years, the situation now is that we are in the middle of a lobbying campaign and we are getting our message across to the 53 member nations of UEFA.

"We are running a very positive campaign and we are pointing out there is a deep rooted football culture in Gibraltar and we are getting there slowly but surely and we hope to get the result we feel we believe in May,” he said.

"The opposition has been sadly, up to this date political, there can't be any sporting objection to Gibraltar membership of UEFA - we are quietly confident, we have been provisional members since October last year and on the back of that we have been involved in draws.

A decision on the admission of the Gibraltar Football Association as a full member of UEFA is due to be taken by the XXXVII Ordinary UEFA Congress which will meet in London in May 2013.

A ‘yes’ vote at the UEFA Congress in May would enable Gibraltar to participate in the qualifying games for the Euro 2016 tournament which will be hosted by France.

In January, Gibraltar has registered its first win in an official UEFA match when they beat San Marino 7-5 in its third game of the Futsal Euro 2014 qualifiers in Nice.

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