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Tory MEPs hit back hard at UKIP Farage's ‘mischievous’ claim to Iron Lady’s legacy

Tuesday, 16 April 2013
The British Conservative MEP delegation have today angrily hit back at the claims made by UKIP leader Nigel Farage in an opinion piece in the Times (£) that his party were the successors to Margaret Thatcher’s heritage and that there would have been “no need for UKIP” if she had remained the Conservative party's leader.

South West MEP Julie Girling has led the charge with a strongly-worded rebuttal in which she declared that Farage’s theory was a “profound misrepresentation of all that the great lady did and stood for” and that UKIP are “devious and uncivil”.

In a statement on her website, Mrs Girling said: “She [Baroness Thatcher] played a pivotal role in the expansion of the EU towards the Eastern Bloc, and in doing so, freeing the citizens of Eastern European nations from the shackles of Communism. In many of these former Iron Curtain states, Mrs. Thatcher is revered as a liberator. UKIP, by contrast, are viewed with dismay and suspicion as to their motives. She would have supported a referendum to let the people decide as she trusted in democracy, whereas UKIP have only one aim, withdrawal without consulting the British people.

Margaret Thatcher believed in getting stuck in, working hard and negotiating a better deal for Britain based on sound figures and hard facts. UKIP believe in doing as little as possible to pick up their wages and expenses, and in embarrassing Britain by bandying false statistics and made-up ‘facts’.

UKIP's tendency to insult others has not just been confined to their continental counterparts. Problems in their approach to women resulted in the party's two female MEPs leaving. Both Marta Andreasen MEP and Nikki Sinclaire MEP accused Farage and his party of misogyny,she continued.

In dealing with Europe Mrs Thatcher was direct but never rude. UKIP are devious, and uncivil in a way that shames our national reputation for good manners.

The gloves are most definitely off.

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