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Gibraltar MEP calls for Rock to become part of Schengen passport-free zone

Saturday, 12 October 2013
Gibraltar Liberal Democrat MEP Sir Graham Watson has called for Gibraltar to apply to become part of the Schengen passport-free travel zone. This would allow the removal of passports and immigration controls at the frontier.

Speaking yeaterday at the Treaty of Utrecht Symposium, part of a series of events organised by the Government of Gibraltar to mark the 300th anniversary of the Treaty, he said: "Even if the UK stays in, as I fervently hope, might we not envisage a long term solution to the border dispute with Spain lying in an accession by Gibraltar to the Schengen Convention?"

"If France can be a signatory to Schengen without its overseas territories being covered, could not Gibraltar enjoy this position in reverse?"

Meanwhile, the Gibraltar newspaper Panorama understands that the Spanish Government ‘would not object to Gibraltar Joining Schengen’.

Update 14/10: In the same keynote address, Sir Graham expressed the belief that the European Union could play a more prominent role in Gibraltar issues in the future and that the EU could 'square the Gibraltar triangle'.


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