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UKIP announces shortlist of six 'fruitcake-free' candidates for 2014 Euro elections

Wednesday, 14 August 2013
The UK Independence Party has announced its shortlist of six candidates (who have passed their new ‘fruitcake test’) to contest the 2014 European elections in the South West region in May.

Incumbent MEP William the Earl of Dartmouth figures on the list and so will most likely keep his seat, while the other UKIP MEP for the region, Trevor Colman, is not present and now at the age of 71 is presumably retiring.

Mr Colman, still a member of UKIP, resigned from the EFD Group that the party fronts in the European Parliament in March 2011 with parliament sources citing an "unresolved dispute over financial and staffing issues". However, his European Parliamentary assistant, Julia Reid, is a candidate for the elections once more, as is UKIP's Head of Media Gawain Towler. Tony McIntyre is the chairman of the party in the South West.

One notable absentee from the list is that of Neil Hamilton, who had previously been subject to rumours that he and his wife Christine were being lined up to be one of the next UKIP MEPs for the region - however in December 2012 Christine exclusively denied to me that she would be standing. Apparently Mr Farage is planning a 'different leading role for the party' for Mr Hamilton.

  • Gawain Towler
  • Julia Reid
  • Tony McIntyre
  • William Dartmouth
  • Keith Crawford
  • Robert Smith

The shortlisted candidates will now be subjected to the UKIP membership in separate ballots, to determine the order of the eventual lists in each region.

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