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Outgoing MEP calls for ‘experienced, pragmatist’ Lansley as next Commissioner

Friday, 27 June 2014
In a letter to the Daily Telegraph, the former South West Conservative MEP Giles Chichester has called for the nomination of Andrew Lansley, the current leader of the House of Commons, as the next UK European Commissioner.

Writing with fellow former MEP colleague Robert Sturdy (who also stood down at the European election), he said:

We are extremely concerned at the prospect of Mr Juncker taking over the Commission. Therefore, it is crucial that we have an experienced politician as the United Kingdom’s Commissioner and that we can achieve the reforms we need.

We support Andrew Lansley as the next UK Commissioner to the EU. We need someone acceptable to the Commission, the Parliament and the Union as a whole.

Mr Lansley was also responsible for the 1999 European election campaign, which was the Conservatives’ most successful European election in recent history.

It is vital that, as this is the first time the European Parliament will be electing the Commission, our candidate is not a Eurosceptic. We need someone who shares David Cameron’s views of Europe.

Andrew Lansley is not ‘going native’. He is a pragmatist who understands the work of the Commission, can manage the issues we face and will be acceptable to most people in the European Union.

Whoever David Cameron eventually nominates for the post will surely face an uphill battle from the start given that the Prime Minister has been desperately attempting to block the appointment of the former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, who if he became President will be the one handing out the portfolios to the nominated Commissioners…


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